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Caught By The Billionaire - Two Her Ass

By Keather Anthony

Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.

Published on Smashwords.

It was a week later until I started my new assistant position with the record company, Dan Locke, in which on the first day we had sex. It was pressing to believe that such a thing could happen after working at such a company. I would give out blow jobs every day in the secrecy of his office. There were even times in which I amounted to submissive sex with my work attire on, only to have some of it ripped off. However I did not care as I wanted to please Mr. Locke. He has given me so much with this opportunity and large sums of money, now I only thirsted for his cock to be inside my pussy.

Now today was different, he planned to go to a private sauna with me looking out for him. “Kathy would you grab my towel from Grey as you leave for the sauna?” He remarked to me as he was finishing up paperwork at his center office.

Yes Mr. Locke I’ll grab it from him immediately.” I said going down the hallway from my reception desk. “May I have Mr. Locke’s belongings for the sauna?” I politely asked Grey. “Yes Kathy, but I’ll have to inform you that I shall join both you and Mr. Locke at the sauna by his request.” He noted to me.

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