Ghost Hand

By H. Jason Schulz

Published by H. Jason Schulz at Smashwords

Copyright © 2011 H. Jason Schulz

All Rights Reserved

As embarrassing as it is to admit, this story is based on actual events…

I arrived to work as usual, just before ten o’clock at night. I work the night shift at an exclusive, gated, golf community in the mountains of Arizona. I am a security guard. I know, not exactly glamorous, but it pays the bills. My shift is from ten PM to six AM and my job consists mainly of alternating every two hours between sitting at the gate house and patrolling the property.

Tonight it was business as usual. I attended the daily shift change meeting like always, but what I failed to notice was that one of the guys had drawn a small stick figure at the top of my building checklist. (This was one of the main events that lead to one of the most frightening experiences of my life.) Tonight it was my turn to man the gatehouse for the first two hours and I took my spot behind the desk as my coworker left to patrol the property.

To say that the nightshift is boring is truly an understatement. As I had mentioned before, the property was located in a small, forest town more than hour away from the nearest metropolis, this small town seemed to roll up the sidewalks after eight PM and apart from the occasional raccoon, no visitors. It was truly dull in the gatehouse; however, the patrols could be a little exciting. I had encountered bull elk, bears, and once I found a mountain lion track in the soft ground.

Mountain nights are very dark; especially on moonless nights it could truly be pitch black. Luckily, we had one large flashlight that sent a thin yellow beam slicing through the darkness as protection. That’s all, just one measly flashlight, nothing else. Weapons are prohibited on property.

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