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The summer had passed so quickly, Diane couldn’t believe next week she would be heading back to Saskatoon.

Janine had been gone home for 3 weeks now, and Diane was itching to get back to school, back to her dorm room to be alone with Janine…

After Janine telling Diane she would never give up on her, Diane couldn’t get Janine's trim naked body off her mind. Diane found herself having to go play with herself many times just at the mere thought of Janine's tongue passing through the lips of her pussy, tickling her hard clit.

She was afraid her parents were starting to suspect there was something between them; they never did anything without the other, they were always together. They spent a lot of time alone in Diane’s room. So they cooked up a plan, and had Janine go on a date with Max, they set it up for Friday night.

Diane helped Janine get ready for her date, making sure to give Janine a treat before she went with Max, something to make the night worth it. Janine was using Diane's bathroom so Diane would have a constant view of Janine's body. As the hot water streamed down over her nipples and Diane couldn’t help wanting to join her in the shower, so she locked her door and climbed in with her. Janine smiled at the thought of what was about to transpire. Diane took her whole nipple in to her mouth as she slid her finger in to Janine's wet pussy, then removing her finger to taste the sweet juices.

Diane went to her knees cupping Janine's ass in her hands, and dug her face in to Janine's engorged clit. Janine bucked into her face as she licked, and flicked at her clit, the more Janine bucked the harder Diane licked. Then the moment Diane had been waiting she could feel the muscles in Janine's body starting to tense, and she slid a single finger into Janine's now very wet pussy and gently caressed her dripping hole with one hand and massaged her asshole with the other hand. Then she could feel the muscles in Janine's pussy clamp down hard on her finger, but she would not relent, and kept going till Janine squirted her cum right over Diane.

Diane helped Janine get cleaned up so she could go on her date with Max, hoping that she hadn’t turned her on too much or hadn’t taken care of her enough, and that it would drive her in to the back seat of Max’s Jeep.

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