Dear Reader,

I’m always being asked which one of my novels is my favorite. I’ve honestly thought about it and tried to find the answer. But each time I think I’ve figured it out, I’ll remember something about one of the other books that made it extra special, and I’m back to questioning my answer again.

Gotcha!, for instance, is a book about unity—the story of a family that suffers some hard blows, but never lets it tear them apart or take them down. Thank goodness my heroine, Macy, has enough spunk to deal with all the issues in her life. And boy howdy did she need a lot of spunk to deal with my hero. Weddings Can Be Murder is the story that my father inspired. You see, he’s a sympathy puker, just like my hero, Carl—can’t be close to someone blowing their chunks without feeling the need to join them. I also loaned my dad’s whacky sense of humor to Carl. Now, my dad is five three and a potbellied plumber, so that’s all my hero got from dear old Dad, but it was enough for me to give Carl some brownie points. And my heroine, Katie, thinks he’s pretty special too.

But first, I’d like to introduce you to Murder, Mayhem and Mama. Mama really kicks some butt in this story—which is pretty impressive for a dead person. I mean, haven’t you all at one time or another felt the presence of a loved one that has passed on? Well, there’s no way Cali’s mama is going to cross over until she knows her daughter is safe from her dangerous ex-boyfriend and in the arms of Mr. Right. Sure, Mr. Right needs a good kick in the pants himself, but Mama’s going to make sure Cali’s the one to set him straight. Don’t you just love it when a man has to admit he’s wrong? Don’t you just love it when loving someone makes you a better person?

Yup, I’ve always loved ghost stories and finally sitting down and writing about Mama is partly what inspired my New York Times–bestselling paranormal young adult series, Shadow Falls, written under C. C. Hunter. I’ve included eight chapters of the first book in the series, Born at Midnight, in the back of this set. If you’re hooked, you can get the complete ebook for only $2.99 at your favorite retailer!

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