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When I compiled a list of over 50 links for all the topics in this article I simply came to the conclusion that they were OUTRAGEOUS. Yes, it is outrageous that there can be so many places of such amazing beauty all in one place called Cape Town, or within a 60 minute drive of Cape Town. Image after image on any of the links simply overwhelms one. After checking these out, who in their right mind can put up anything other than a very feeble protest that they don’t want to visit this amazing place? Table Mountain is now one of the Seven Wonders of Nature but if you ask me they have it wrong. Yep. It should be the entire town and surrounds of Cape Town that qualifies and even the name Seven Wonders doesn’t do it justice. How about Jewel of Planet Earth?

Don’t buy this article if this is your first visit to Cape Town.

This is because on your first visit you are going to do all the MUST DO things such as take the tour of the city in the Red Bus, go up the Table Mountain cableway, go to Robben Island, visit the Winelands, shop at the V& A waterfront and dine at fine restaurants.

No, this article is for those of you who have fallen in love with this beautiful city and are returning for a second or even third time. Heck, there are people who fall so in love with Cape Town they come back EVERY year and may end up buying a holiday property here, or even ending up living here. As for me, I am a Capetonian and have lived here virtually all of my life.

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