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By Fegger

Copyright, 2010 By Fegger

Published By Fegger (aka Rich Jax), Smashwords Edition


FaithQuest, as the title would imply, is a lifelong journey toward an affirmation of that which seems intangible or beyond cognitive validation within the confines of our contemporary passage. Within this collection, Collection III, I have assembled certain works that are intended to be exploratory to the reader, co-seeker. I have rejoiced in discovering the purest of spirits who, by intent or accident, have nurtured their indigenous spirit toward fulfillment; and I have scorned those who have sought to neglect such communion and choose to strive to become their own god instead. There is sadness and there is joy; but, above all, there exist elements of unwavering faith and the sincerest desire to become whole and complete. This Quest, laden with trips, traps, and detours remains unmapped, yet not unchartered. It is a constant and continuous discovery of self and extended self; and is often a curious child who questions as to whether, or not, he has been abandoned or disregarded. It will be a tireless Quest, for me, to only be answered on the advent of the passage that follows.

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