Orphans’ Clearing


Copyright 2012 by G Forma

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The Jungle Spirit

Its arrival at Orphans’ Clearing came just after sunrise. It had emerged from a trail that led back deep into the unexplored depths of the Congo Jungle.

At that time, L, the smallest and youngest orphan of the Clearing, was sitting in a tree just outside the Clearing’s circular perimeter, on a high branch that overlooked all of the clearing. He was the first one to see the creature when its skeletal frame poked through the shrubs on the far side of the clearing. He leapt down from his high branch, bounced to his feet on the ground and scampered towards Red-Brick Orphanage.

The lone building Red-Brick Orphanage, stood in the centre of the clearing, the home to twelve orphan boys. Three missionaries owned it, and lived on its upper floor. The three missionaries were Zeiko, Waldo and Grogg. Zeiko, the fattest missionary, was Spanish. Waldo, the quietest and the oldest missionary, was Dutch. Grogg the cruellest and ugliest missionary, with wisps of dirty red hair, pale flaking skin, and rotten teeth, was German.

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