To Woo A Lady – Erin E.M. Hatton has written a series of short stories covering Regency England and the historical standards and expectations that existed then. I especially liked how she made her characters vulnerable, yet strong. There are no wilting wallflowers here. The men are strong, stubborn and even a bit understanding about the women’s expectations and the realities of the times and world they live in. The author's storylines are believable, enjoyable to read, and take you to a world of time past, with all its warts and pimples as well as beautiful homes and good times at public functions. It's not all peaches and cream, but it's real. ~Aloe, Long and Short Reviews

No one is worthy of love,

but love makes them worthy . . .

Longing for music, Elisa Fairburn ventures into a long-abandoned manor to play an old Broadwood grand. She never imagines the manor's reclusive owner, Sebastian Whitcombe, is listening, awakened from a secret grief.

The Pianoforte

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