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Any similarity to persons, living or dead, is unintentional. This is an original work of fiction and all rights are held by the author.

Bleeding Out

Copyright 2011 by Taylor Gibbs

ISBN: 978-1-3013-6827-3

Smashwords Edition

Please do not share, copy, reproduce or distribute this book.

Edited by tejas

Cover Art by Adelaide Cooper

Bleeding Out

Taylor Gibbs

In Racing Fate, Ronan and Steel were shot at in an ambush situation. Ronan got their client to safety, but Steel was brought out injured. Ronan was raced to a secure facility, where he waited for news on his lover.

And the story continues…

The world had disappeared into a maelstrom of shouting voices, bright lights.

And pain, a hell of a lot of pain.

He couldn’t feel pain if he was dead, could he?

Steel didn’t think so, but he was too woozy to try to figure it all out. He hurt, he was one big steaming ball of ow, punctuated with the pinch of needles, and voices, and…

He was happy to drift away.

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