The Legend of Haunted Hills Cemetery

Drac Von Stoller

Copyright 2012 by: Drac Von Stoller

Smashwords Edition

Deep in the woods on top of a desolated hilltop stood the most haunted cemetery ever known called "Haunted Hills Cemetery."

Legend has it that in 1855 a man by the name of Jester Flats was the new Sheriff in town. One thing the townspeople had no idea about when Jester Flats was appointed the new Sheriff in the town of Deadsville. The Sheriff had his own idea of how he wanted to bring law and order in the town of Deadsville. His way would be, by way of an axe. He was the most feared Sheriff the town of Deadsville has ever known.

According to the son of the sheriff just after he was born, Jester's wife was caught in bed with another man in his own home. Jester happened to forget his axe that day and never left home without it, but this day would be a day he'd never forget. Jester noticed a horse was tied to a tree next to his house. Jester didn't like the looks of it so he cautiously opened the front door of his house. Jester heard laughter coming from his upstairs bedroom. Jester took his axe out of the closet and went upstairs to investigate. Jester slowly opened the bedroom door and there lying on his bed was his wife and another man.

Jester started yelling at them both and said, "You both know how I feel about sleeping with another man's wife.” Jester and the man got into a struggle, but Jester hit the man upside his head and he fell to the ground with blood dripping from his head. His wife pleaded with her husband not to kill him Jester said, "Shut up woman." Then he raised the axe above his head and cut her lovers’ head off and limbs as his wife screamed in agony. Then he pulled his gun out of his holster pointing at his wife at point blank range. Then he pulled the trigger and she fell dead to the floor. Jester said, "Justice has been served."

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