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A Brief History of Home Computing, Or 'Building A Better Mousetrap' For Home Computer Users

By Earnest Long

Copyright 2012 Earnest Long

Smashwords Edition

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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Chapter 1, Introduction

Many people want the dream that is having a home computer. But how many have realized the Home Computer Dream? And how many are living the Home Computer Nightmare? You might want to feel part of the modern age, find bargains, or be part of a community. And you feel you need a computer to grasp these possibilities, which before were only a dream. This book offers hope for those living the Home Computer Nightmare. As well, it offers help to anyone who wants the Home Computer Dream.

A few years ago, computers were business machines used by businesses. Or computers were games or educational machines used at home. Word processor and spreadsheet software was originally for business use only. Then they sold WP (word processor) and spreadsheet software for home use. Some Computer Users started using WPs and spreadsheets as an activity at home. They tried to write a novel or did other creative writing. Or they made notes to themselves about their problems. Also, they might keep a home budget. And some used them to make useful lists, such as lists of things to pack for a holiday. After the Internet, you could use computers to keep in touch, surf the web or to do other things. But the web was mainly text. And it was still some time before you had digital photography or video.

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