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Inside the house, Sissy’s alarm could hardly be heard by the intruder. He moved on down the hallway toward Liz’s bedroom. In the silence, he could hear her breathing evenly in deep sleep.

But, somehow, even in deep sleep, the unwanted presence permeated the darkness and drifted into Liz’s unconsciousness and she began to stir. Her eyeballs began to move beneath the lids. REM, rapid eye movement which accompanied her dreams. The monster began to tug at Liz’s soul and she stirred with visions of shadows, demons and monsters; shaking her out of her slumber and jolting her wide awake with the pain and terror the monster always brought on. Shards of pain shot through her entire body. Her back pained and her legs were on fire. Her arms were heavy and wooden, paralyzed and useless.

Her eyes came wide open, but they ached and even in the darkness, she knew her vision was blurred. Only vague shades of blacks and grays loomed above her, but she knew there was movement in the darkness. A blob of black moved from the hallway and blocking out the grey of the bedroom doorway; a large, hulking shapeless shadow moving slowly and quietly toward her.


Monsters and Lollipops


Franklin D.Lincoln and Elizabeth Wall Poray

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