What others are saying about THE ACCIDENT AT 13th AND JEFFERSON:

Customer reviews on Amazon: Bonnie said “Fantastic Reading! This book just grabs you from the very beginning. Brenda is a very talented writer and her books are something that once you start reading, you just can't put it down! A truly wonderful book and I highly recommend it and Brenda as my new-found favorite author!!! Looking forward to more!!!”

Meggie said “Thought provoking. This was a great read. I just had to know what happened next! It really made me think about how easily life can change for any one of us.



To every “ordinary” middle class American and to his or her story which IS worth telling.



Miles below the surface of a very young planet, much later to be called Earth, chemistry and physics were at work although there were no humans to put their own names on these processes. Silica, aluminum, oxygen, and curious metals slowly became the little rock of our story, a tiny bit of granite in a formation the size of a small continent. The seas formed and gave birth to life, which spread onto the land and produced great reptiles. The great reptiles vanished, life found new forms and meanwhile the little rock of our story moved for hundreds of thousands of millennia with the shifting, sliding and buckling of the earth’s layers. The rock emerged into the elements for the first time in towering mountains later, after they were worn down to a speck of their former glory, to be called the Poconos. Ice ages later a glacier snapped our little rock from its birthplace, drove it a couple of hundred miles south and left it under twelve feet of rubble.

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