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A Delightful Romp Through Regency England. . .

Eleven-year-old Joy wishes her father to marry Lady Emily so he'll remain at home instead of leaving her and her three brothers months at a time while he captains his ship.

Captain Geoffrey DeBohun never intends to give up the sea. Nor does he look to remarry. But when he feels his blood thrum when close to Lady Emily—as it used to do with his first wife—he decides to pursue this woman.

Lady Emily doesn't want to be drawn to Captain Geoffrey DeBohun. She believes her brother, the Earl of Spode, has Geoffrey DeBohun's brother in mind for her, the Earl of Wickerdun. When Joy's first wish comes true, Emily wonders if perhaps the girl might get her Christmas wishes after all.

Joy’s Christmas Wishes

Gerri Bowen

A Regency Romance Anthology

Published by Highland Press Publishing at Smashwords

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