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What is prayer?

In simple terms, prayer can be defined as communication to God; it is simply contacting God. As long as the result of anything you do is contact with God, that is called prayer. We can communicate to God both verbally and non-verbally. For instance, meditation is a non-verbal way of communicating to God and so is imagination.

Now, prayer can never be, until faith is embedded in it. There isn’t prayer with out the element of faith. When we are praying, we are actually making contact with the spiritual realm; the realm in which God abides. You can never say that you have prayed until you have made contact with the spirit realm. Faith is the media that gets us into the spirit realm: by faith you believe God hears you as you pray.

Every time you make contact (communicate) with God, power to cause changes is availed; the Amplified Bible’s version of James 5:16 reveals this: “…..the effectual, heartfelt, fervent prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available, dynamic in its working” regardless of whether or not you are speaking to God verbally, meditating or imagining, as long as any of these things have faith embedded in them, they will make power available. And since power is what is necessary to cause changes, the desired change will be effected. This thus means that every time you offer thanks to God, meditate upon his goodness, meditate upon your true person in Christ, etc, you actually make power available because that is the true essence of prayer. It doesn’t matter whether you have gone before the lord to simply thank him, to simply love him; the fact that you have made in contact with him, power will be made available, the power that causes changes and it is important that you take maximum advantage of that power. That is the secret of prayer.

Also since prayer is making contact with God, it does not only enable us to get answers to our requests, but also creates an intimate relationship between us and our creator.

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