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The Italian Playboy’s Secret Wife

Elizabeth Kingslayer

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Never Apologize, Never back down! Heart on fire Olivia returned Khalid’s gaze aware that she had already broken two of her golden rules. What was wrong with her! She desired his touch even as she despaired at her own weakness.

She shivered acutely aware that all her bravado was skin deep, that beneath the defiance, chaos and confusion raged in her heart, as did the urgent temptation to flee.

All I need is a few minutes of your time.”

Her voice was quietly sensual yet assertive her eyes locked on his in a way that made her impossible to ignore. But time did not stand still. Khalid was aware she had changed since last he had seen her. Become more woman, less of the girl he had once been sufficiently naïve to believe he might actually love. ‘Love.’ The memory caused a knife to twist where his heart had once been. What remained was a hollow mass that despite his best attempts over the years still ached. Pushing such thoughts to one side Khalid focused on the matter at hand. His eyes narrowed as he gave a short guttural laugh that to Olivia’s ears seemed to rumble and crack like thunder.

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