Why should I give you any time?” He kept his voice light, upbeat but anger flashed in his emerald eyes.

The yacht seemed to sway with each utterance and with it Olivia felt her stomach lurch, he stood above her akin to a semi god against the razor blue sky. She closed her eyes a wave of nausea crashing against her body as the deep low rasp of Khalid’s voice cold and without an ounce of compassion burrowed into her heart. Would she never be free? With word alone he still had the power to reach her, slip beneath her skin and puller her asunder.

I believe you exhausted all your chances quite some time ago, Olivia.”

Struggling to keep herself whole and intact despite the emotions that crashed within her Olivia held his gaze, her voice to her own ears surprisingly firm.

Just listen to what I have to say, then I will be out of your life forever.”

But already his eyes had darkened, the look of wary indifference replaced by dislike.

Later we can talk. Right now I have more pressing matters to deal with!”

You don’t look busy.” Asserted Olivia a stubborn light entering her eyes.

Khalid shrugged his handsome face the picture of calm but inside he was in turmoil.

He had searched the globe looking for her and now here she was striding into his life as though she had done nothing wrong. As though she were an innocent who had not walked out of his life without word or warning. This knowledge burned in his soul, brought forth fire when for the longest of times all that had remained in his heart was ice.

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