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Book: Be Millionaire Like Me

Author: Niranjan Jha

Category: Motivation

Publisher: Cromosys Publication

ISBN: 9781301218516

Price: $5.00

Date: December 2012


Cromosys Publication’s Be Millionaire Like Me is an ultimate motivation to help you live your life better. Before you start reading this book, you would like to ask me a question whether it is possible to be a millionaire after reading it. And, you may even need to know who I am. Am I myself a millionaire? If yes, then how could it happen? To all of your questions, my answer is that, yes you can be a millionaire after reading this book, and yes I became a millionaire in these thirty three years of my life after getting rid of the poverty I was born in. That is why, if I could do, then why can’t you? I know how difficult it is, but I also know how difficult it is to live with poverty. Till now, you may have read many motivational books, and you may have been inspired by many motivators. But did you ever know the motivators who inspired you, are they self-motivated, or just to sell their books they write something and you believe? Some of them may have taught you how to come out of poverty which they themselves have never experienced. But with me the story is just opposite. Since birth, the fifteen years of time that I lived, that wasn’t life at all. It was most disgraceful than anything ever can be. But I created a compulsion within me to start turning the stones out of my way, and that experience enabled me to write the book that you are reading.

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