Many millions of years ago, when the world was young and restless, happy natives and many animals lived contentedly at the foot of a great grandiose mountain.

The extreme loftiness of that mountain cast a feeling of awe and fear over all of those who lived below its great majestic height. It was believed that the Gods lived in its caves and controlled all the land and living creatures beneath it, for the towering greatness of the mountain stretched far and wide.

Along the base of the grand mountain was a large body of water. Its natives would paddle in small, straw, craft canoes for many days to be able to reach the shores on the other side.

The temperature was always warm and tropical. Vegetation grew rapidly to gigantic proportions, as did ferns and many varieties of botanical greenery. Huge trees covered with dangling, vibrant, flowery vines in bloom and foliage stood skyward against its slopes. Fruit trees were in great abundance, producing fruits so large that it took two natives to carry their baskets, and two to carry the clusters of grapes in their hands.

Because of the warm temperature year round, and the rich black soil, the fruit trees would produce blooms twice a year. The natives would harvest vegetables and their crops year round.

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