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Witches of The Demon Isle

Book One, Make Me a Real Girl

Rachel Humphrey – D’aigle


Melinda Howard poured a potion into a small glass vial. She used a funnel, not trusting her unsteady fingers. It was her first time making this particular potion and if the results were anything less than perfect, the consequences would be fatal to the vampire standing in her kitchen.

He was across the room. A good fifteen feet away, but it felt as though he were hovering just inches behind her, watching her every move. Movements that suddenly became heavy and awkward.

Darn it all! She chastised herself silently. Keep it together, you’re almost done.

She exhaled, letting out a surge of hot breath, shuddering as an electrified pulse fired down her spine at the thought of him watching her.

Her heart quickened, her fingers quivering as she removed the funnel, the vial nearly filled. Just one final step to complete the potion. She shoved her chin-length chestnut bangs behind her ear, grabbing an already filled dropper and added the contents within to the vial.

The mixture sizzled, a small plume of steam erupting from the vial before the clear liquid inside turned to deep red. Melinda smiled, relieved by the outcome. She let the buildup of nervousness escape with her next breath, corked the vial, turned and tossed it to the vampire.

It went high, threatening to fly over his head and crash into a wall. He deftly jumped into the air, caught it, and landed without a sound.

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