The Unfeeling Thousandaire:

How I Made $10,000 Indie Publishing and You Can, Too!

Copyright 2012 by Melissa Yuan-Innes

Published by Olo Books

Smashwords Edition

In association with Windtree Press

Bob Meyer sells 2000 ebooks per day. Joe Konrath pulls in as much as $100,000 per month. But just like most of us aren't going to pull a Bill Gates, ever, most of us are not going to make a serious killing on indie publishing—or anything else.

But we can dare to try. We can write and publish our own work, then pocket the earnings as both the author and the publisher. (That's how I define independent publishing, which people also call self-publishing, but I'm not going to bother arguing about the difference.) We can have real, live people connect with our stories and write fan mail. And we can make a little money. Wouldn't it be nice to pay the rent using the money you made from your own imagination? Author David Dalglish said on the Kindle Boards that not only can he pay the rent, he has enough left over for a sexy party.

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