The Woman with The Velvet Ribbon Around Her Neck.

Drac Von Stoller

Copyright 2012 by: Drac Von Stoller

Smashwords Edition

Sam Edwards was a wealthy lonely man that lived all alone in his mansion. Sam was in his late forties and tired of not having a companion to share his wealth with. He decided he'd check out the bar scene and see if he could find a lady with the same interests as his. Sam hopped in his Rolls Royce not caring that it was a stormy night. Sam pulled into Mack's tavern, ready to find his dream lady. He grabbed his umbrella popped it open as he stepped out of his car and walked up to the door, shook the rain off of his umbrella underneath the canopy. He stepped inside the tavern that was filled with cigarette smoke, loud music, and laughter all around.

Sam approached the bar, sat down, and the bartender said "What can I get for you?"

Sam replied "I'll have a scotch whiskey on the rocks."

The bartender replied "coming right up."

As Sam was drinking his scotch whiskey, he noticed a very beautiful woman sitting alone in a corner table, crying.

Sam asked the bartender for an extra glass of scotch whiskey. Sam brought his drinks over to where the woman was sitting, and said "Would it be alright if I sat beside you? I have no one to talk to."

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