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Due to the expansion, editing, and revision of the original version, this E-Book version of The Medicine Way is now being presented in two parts of which this is the second.


Regarding Grow, Growth and Life purpose….

In asking Great Pop as to how I should be and do while I am here on Mother Earth, He told me "Little One, I made that theme park for any Beings and things that want to experience some of the limitless means and ways to experience and express Love and Brotherhood”.

Some people profess that we each have a specific mission to accomplish in our lifetime, or that we come here to learn lessons of some sort through which we will Grow toward completing some kind of “Spiritual Transformation” and thereby achieve a “Higher” condition of being. I personally believe that all of this aspiration and ambitious thinking about one’s reality and life’s purpose is founded in Fear and is all a falsehood. I am certain that we come here for experiences by our own choice and that we experience things of our own manifestation through our thoughts and Prayers of Desire. This means that there is No mandate or mission, nor any requirement to learn anything, there is only a path of life that is of our own choosing and design.

When I was young Great Pop told me: “Grow like the tree and thereby from the inside out in all directions". I thought He meant that I should aspire to grow taller and thereby bigger. I later learned the Proper idea and Ideal meant by His use of the word Grow as being more like the concept of “Multi-dimensional Expansion,” as in this ideal we are in a sense “Ever and Always Complete”.

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