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Horses for Courses

By Laura Simms

Horses For Courses

Laura Simms

Copyright Laura Simms 2012

Smashwords Edition

For Kelly Gardner

With thanks to James Madeley for help with the French translations/

Horses for Courses

Chapter 1 You’re never too young to die

Lee Saddle, renowned barrister by day, stable owner and horse lover by night trotted round the paddock. It was a wonderful evening and his current case was going well, if they ever re-caught him there was a chance he'd be assigned the Timberlake case to try. However it had been months now, since Tristan Timberlake's escape from Broadmoor and there had been neither hide nor hair of him.

Bethany would be home soon, bringing Kirk, their 13 year old son with her. She would prepare dinner and they'd have a pleasant evening. He squeezed Pippin the horse's sides. The sound of his hooves was rhythmic. Suddenly he felt the leather of the reins tear. He was a good rider and should have kept his seat, but Pippin shied and took fright. Lee landed on the floor, stretched out on his back, underneath the horse. Pippin took flight, kicking him in the head in the process.

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