There's Something Dead in this House

Drac Von Stoller

Copyright 2012 by: Drac Von Stoller

Smashwords Edition

Jack and Brenda Stevens found the perfect home to raise their family in, but were unaware of the homes past. Being a young couple with two children and big dreams, they could care less if the house had a past or not. The only thing on their mind was raising a family in this beautiful Victorian home. The house had a strange odor, but they just thought it was because the house was old. Jack's wife thought once they moved in, and did some renovations, the odor would diminish. She was dead wrong. This was one odor that wouldn't be leaving, even if the place burnt to the ground.

From day one things started happening, like objects being moved, faint screams that seemed to be coming from within the walls, noises from the floorboards of the house. Weeks went by and nothing changed. The family started getting accustomed to the noises and shrugged it off as just the house settling and the fact that it's a very old house. Terror was about to come down on this family like a hurricane.

One night when the children were sleeping, a voice called out from within the walls of their bedroom and said in an eerie voice, "Let us out! It's cold in here. Let us out!!! Let us out!!!

The children ran to their parent’s room screaming, saying "There's something in the walls in our room."

Their father said "You must have had a nightmare. Go back to bed. I'm really tired."

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