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QuestBook 3

By Yufeng Zhuang

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 by Yufeng Zhuang


The tearful Kelly was dragged away by Feline, after restore the calm, it's obviously that my father and my two elder brothers looked at me with blame. This made me feel a bit nervous and guilty.

"Let's continue our conversation," after a while, my father broke the depressing atmosphere first, "Kone, have you figure out a way yet?"

"It's not that easy to fill the gap of hundreds of thousand of fund." my eldest brother kept on saying, "that's a lot of money!"

"Can the towns that Kone is building around the Darkness city relieve some burdens?" my elder brother said, "why this is so difficult?"

"Those small towns are mainly offering foods for the construction sites," I lowered my head and said, "even they can be built in half a year, and the agricultural products yield two crops a year with the growth circle in the Darkness city, it still needs the second year to provide a certain scale of foods. It even can't have any accidents in this period."

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