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Five-finger Discount

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A teenage straight boy gets blackmailed into gay sex with the security personnel at a local mall. An adult work, Five-finger Discount is a single story from the Carnal Series.

In “Five-finger Discount,” Jimmy Manley is caught shoplifting by Emil Bogdon, an immigrant security guard who doesn’t speak English terribly well. Jimmy has enjoyed hustling gay men in the past but is quite concerned with maintaining the appearance of an heterosexual all American boy. He thinks he has agreed to let Bogdon take him on a “little trip to heaven” in exchange for his freedom, but Bogdon is not as concerned as Jimmy with the appearance of heterosexuality in American boys. Bogdon cares about only one thing, which thing he makes abundantly clear to Jimmy when he unbuckles his belt, opens his pants, and lowers his fly. Before the afternoon is over, Jimmy will have to make a tough choice: Will he choose to earn his freedom with Bogdon the only way he can (the “hard” way, of course!), or will he continue on as he has in the past, a slave to appearances?

No matter the length, Carnal stories are always dark and dirty. Each story takes place in the small town of Carnal, where it’s always burning, no matter what the season.

Five-finger Discount

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