Many thanks to wife,

Kids, and things unseen that go

Bump in the dark night.

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Part I: The Living

Part II: The Dead


About the Author


I met Sam some time ago. At the time, I was standing on the side of a desolate, dusty rural road, scratching my sweat-soaked head and pretending to myself that I knew how to fix my overheated car. Sam pulled up next to me on his bike as I outwardly affected a knowing stare at the steaming engine, but inwardly contemplated the futility of my effort.

We talked small talk at first, but eventually Sam started telling me a pretty amazing story as we stood on the sun-softened asphalt by the side of my car. Why did he open up to me, a complete stranger? I’m not sure. Perhaps it was my intelligent, kind, courteous, attentive and generally fabulous demeanor. Or perhaps it was my “I ♥ Area 51” bumper sticker. Perhaps both?

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