Thank you to my two dads and my sister, Christy, who, though they may not know it, played a role in making me who I am today.

Thank you to Bev Bailey, my sixth and seventh grade teacher, who convinced my mom to sign me up for karate, and always saw the potential in every student she ever taught.

Thank you to my Sensei, Shihan Bob Mueller. The lessons you have taught me have served me well, both inside and outside the walls of the dojo. Thank you to Mike, wherever you are, for showing me how powerful a teacher can be, and how important this job is.

Thank you to Sensei Ron Perkio, my student and my teacher, the man who gambled on the back of a seventeen-year-old kid by giving me the chance to teach fulltime.

Thank you to all of my students, who have remained loyal to me throughout the years and allowed me to polish my ‘craft’.

Last, but certainly not least, thank you to Sempai Tina Parker. Without your help, this book would be crude and unfinished. Your support and encouragement (and editing skills!) gave me exactly what I needed to get this book to the stage at which you now see it.


FOREWORD by Rory Miller



Chapter 1: The Primary Role of the Teacher

Chapter 2: The Secondary Roles of the Teacher

Chapter 3: Leading: The First Stage of Teaching

Chapter 4: The Four Focuses

Chapter 5: How Much Do You Know?

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