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“Sooo...” Vira said, concentrating very hard not to spill any of the bubbly blue liquid in her shot glass as she brought it to her mouth. “Is it true? Do Borgans really have, you know, appetites?”

As finished the question, she tossed back the drink so hard that her blonde ponytail bounced against the top of her head. Done, she slammed the glass against the transparent aluminum table, waving at the robotic waitress for another.

“Borgan mating seasons are a complex and varied,” the eight foot tall alien across the table said. Borgan, the officers were supposed to call them and Vira was very careful to do so. But in her mind Vira prefered the enlisted term, ‘Bear Men.’

It was accurate enough. Big, square, and covered in very short brown fur with round ears and oversized snouts, bear men were rare. And exotic.

Which meant Vira needed to find out everything she could. It was practically her duty.

“But you still get... urges?” Vira giggled.

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