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I couldn’t write these stories without the love and encouragement of the people closest to me. What began as a whim, and perhaps a mid-life crisis, has blossomed into a full-time job that I absolutely love. Through it all, my daughters have been wonderfully supportive and surprisingly, are not embarrassed to tell people what I do. However, my greatest support comes from my husband who not only encourages my fantasies (the ones about one day becoming a well-known author), but puts up with all my others!

Many thanks go to Sharon Buchbinder and her wonderful husband, Dr. Dale Buchbinder. When I wrote myself into a corner, Dr. Dale was there with a scalpel to open a new door while Sharon slapped an oxygen mask on my plot and breathed new life into it. Jason’s story would have been D.O.A. without their skilled emergency response.

To my LARA buddies, Kathy, Sarah, Christine and Robyn, thanks for your unwavering support.


For Terrell, whose love keeps me going.

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