A Caleb Knight Short Story

By Jeffrey Zweig II

Copyright 2012 Jeffrey Zweig II

Smashwords Edition

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I tried to rub the sand out of my eyes, caked in from days of military drills. When the Coalition firebombed D.C. it turned me into the only officer of the Union private military company immediately available for transforming the greenhorns, these men and women who represented the latest of our military, ready for whatever the Coalition was ready to throw our way. That was a burden I was more than happy to take on once the Coalitions occupation was declared over by the U.S. Government.

From here it was routine. There were no magicians or pieces of fruit on the cusp of implosion threatening to wipe out the universe. It was my company, myself, and the open camp in this patch of clearing in the middle of the woods in Virginia.

We were activated because the U.S.A. needed our help to rebuild. The Coalition when dissolved left the country in ruin than when it came after World War Two. Infrastructure was shot. Military was weak and divided. Like it or not this country was my home for now.

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