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Unforeseen Help

by Sarah Baethge

copyright 2012 Sarah Baethge

Smashwords Edition

Everything within this is either a product of the author’s imagination or its name/description is used fictitiously.

Part 2

Standing outside the head security office on the first floor, under the sign proudly proclaiming that said office was manned by: Captain Randy Turner; Kreft and Parker waited until the officer on duty left for his lunch. Sam could not get past the feeling that this office invasion was all going just a bit too easily when the two of them simply ducked into the unlocked office moments after the ‘security’ chief left for his lunch. Once inside, Way lost no time as he instantly started searching through objects on the desk for vehicle keys. Still on shaky feet, the lanky mercenary leaned against the door to keep it shut as his eyes fell on something he had never imagined coming upon in a public spaceport. He didn’t know if the contents of the room were more unsavory, or if it was the bizarre fact that the man he was with (who was supposedly out for ‘liberty’) didn’t even seem fazed to come upon what Samuel could only hope was an unusual situation upon this planet; but whatever the case, the scene before him simply radiated wrongness.

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