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by Mike Partyka

Copyright 2012 Mike Partyka

Smashwords Edition

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* * * *

He had never been this far into the casino before. It was the smell that drew him in. Sweet. Rich. And, for once, near.

He approached the round thing cautiously. Even here, in the relative safety (he had come to know over time) of dim fluorescents and the faraway but eternal jangling of the slots, it didn't pay to be careless. Death could be around any corner.

Timidly, he scooted near the round thing, his excitement building as he made out the little shapes atop it -- the shapes that made his belly clench with hunger so much harder. Could it be? So many! So MANY! And they were all...

...too, too still. Was it a trap? They couldn't all be sleeping, could they? Or maybe they were dead. Maybe something had come along and--

"Stop it. You're overthinking this," said his primitive brain. "It's practically a buffet line, and you're holding back? Even if they all wake up when you strike, you'll still get plenty to fill your belly! Go! Go! GO!"

He pounced. His tongue darted out, pulling a narrow swath of the morsels in. SWEET! Never had they been so sweet! His brain fired spasmodically with pleasure. His heart raced. And then, feeling the initial rush pass, he opened his eyes -- (he didn't even realize he had shut them, the pleasure had been so intense) -- to see how many of the morsels remained, and how many had fled.

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