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The War of the Dead

Latilya Sivar

Copyright 2012 Latilya Sivar

Smashwords Edition

The Necromancer’s Bargain

Any resident of Midgar could tell you the story of the War of the Dead.  The tale of the vile necromancer that came out of the forsaken forest, and with his wicked sorcery, created an army of the dead to destroy the world of men.  The few survivors of the onslaught fled to Midgar, where they held off the armies of the dead for years, until at long last the necromancer gave up, and returned to the northlands with his unliving army.  They would go on to say that the necromancer to this day sits upon his throne of skulls, plotting the final destruction of humanity.  It is a story of ancient villains, and young heros, and the story defines Midgar's character as a nation. 

Unfortunately few first hand accounts remain from the time of the war, and those that do exist contradict each other.  Recently, however, when sorting through my family's old records, I found a collection of accounts written by my ancestor, who worked as a spy during the conflict.  The following is what I believe to be the true story of the time leading up to the War of the Dead, and the implications are staggering.

Our story begins with a woodcutter named Drel.  He lived in the lumber village of Thorlin's Point, within what we have now come to call the forsaken forest.    At the time it was simply the forest, as there were no other forests within the domain of humanity.  The one oddity of living in the forest was that funerals were not done.  When a man or woman died their body would disappear on the same night.  Nobody thought particularly much of this, as most who lived in the forest were born and raised there.  It was simply an unexplained oddity.

Recently the people of Thorlin's Point had come upon hard times, as their lords in Thelryn had stopped purchasing their lumber.  Tempers were flaring, and the villagers were worried about their ability to survive another year. 

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