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Caught By Billionaire – Right In The Jewels

By Keather Anthony

Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.

Published on Smashwords.

Following the recent yet pleasurable sauna visit, Locke’s mood towards me has been somewhat different. He has been much kinder to me and has been less lenient on office work, but the relationship that I have with Grey has been obviously different. If anything the relationship with both men are different after the sauna in which they fucked me in more ways than one. I was adamant on changing my routine, but I finally succeeded in achieving my original goal of pleasing Locke. I’ll continue to do so as I’m working for his record company.

However there are problems with keeping this all a secret, the other associates within the company have been persistent about figuring out what is going. Most of the men have been eying me with my short skirt, which I have always kept 2 sizes smaller so it would appeal to Locke. Ironically it would have also appealed to every other male worker in the building, including the executives, sound engineers, publicists, everyone. I was not too pleased with the fact that Locke did not mind either, as I told him numerous times that the men in the office were staring at my ass. It has been numbing and enlarged in size due to the amount of sex that I have had.

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