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Finding the strength to face up to your past is much easier with the love of a good man.

Surly artist Jez can hardly believe his good fortune in ending up in domestic bliss with a warmhearted man like Steve, but one morning a letter arrives, stirring up old hurts. Jez finds it hard to believe Steve will still want him when he reveals his sorry history. Steve, however, is determined to prove that he loves Jez just the way he is — and he’ll even do it before he finishes knitting his first pair of socks…

Praise for The First Impressions series

First Impressions


Last Chance

Last Chance is an incredibly touching addition to this clever and deliciously sexy series. Jez is the absolute perfect narrator, as the reader is able to witness not only his own insecurities but is given a true insight into how remarkable Jez’s evolution truly is, and how significant it is that he is able to admit he needs someone as much as he needs Steve.

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