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Tiki Jordan watched closely as the invisible girl performed a sex act under the table on Luke Berrenger.

Luke's smile widened, and his face twitched, but he otherwise seemed not to notice. He just kept talking to his three buddies seated around the table, as if nothing special were happening.

In other words, he did just as he was expected to do.

Tiki, meanwhile, sat at the bar alongside her Lovemother, Crystal Lansing. They drank sparkling water and perched on barstools, speaking in hushed tones about the invisible girl.

"Notice her attire," said Crystal. "She's ready for her big moment. She needs to make a powerful first impression."

Tiki nodded. The invisible girl wore a black leather bustier, shorts, and thigh-high boots. She had a slender body with long legs and large breasts--the ideal.

Without talking to her, Tiki knew her story. The girl had worked for years to perfect her body. She had studied hard to prepare for the Rites of Dawn, which would transform her from unseen Bitch to visible Angel. Her Lovemother had trained and advised her, day after day, in the ways of Angelhood. Now, days after her eighteenth birthday, she was undergoing the first of the Rites.

Tiki knew the girl's story, because it was her story, too.

"Excellent technique," said Crystal. She sipped her sparkling water and tossed her sleek black hair. "I hope you're paying attention."

"Yes, ma'am." Tiki flicked her eyes to catch a young man who was smiling in her direction...though she knew he wasn't looking at her. Like the girl under the table, Tiki was still invisible to men.

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