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What others are saying about DRUG MONEY:

Customer reviews on Amazon: Judy said, “Drug Money is an interesting book and very enjoyable to read. The beginning was a bit slow but once you get into it the story really takes off. I thought the story was well written and the ending ties the entire plot together. I could not put the book down once I got started. Truly worth the read. I would be interested in reading more of Ms. Carlton's work.”

Bonnie said, “This is another book that I recommend for total enjoyment and entertainment. Brenda has done a wonderful job and is a really good writer!! Loved this book Brenda!!!



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Early in the morning of the day that he would die, Henry Dresher absently sipped his coffee in the library of the home that he’d inherited from his grandparents. Henry compared the danger of his situation to that of the men who had previously worked at the same mahogany desk. Since 1698, when William Penn granted land in Pennsylvania to the first New World Dresher, the minds of most of Henry’s ancestors were occupied with the growth and management of wealth. Three years ago Henry’s second cousin’s bank failed, taking the few liquid assets that Henry hadn’t lost in the stock market crash with it. Now, the depression was confounding his efforts to recover. Only Henry’s ingenuity stood between his wife and two daughters and Eleanor’s fear of a rapid descent into the lower classes. Henry no longer lived the life of a conservative lawyer and he secretly loved the excitement.

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