4. Sport Bans

5. Military Service

6. Tourism

7. Smoking Ban

8. Computers in Education

For More Help With Your IELTS


How this book can help increase your score

The IELTS Academic Writing Module book has been created for IELTS Academic Exam candidates who want to achieve a high score in the Writing Module. Not only does the book present models for writing very good responses to Tasks 1 & 2, it also provides notes to detail what a candidate must do for a high band score. Often candidates will lose valuable marks because they are not aware of what is required. This book will help the reader to avoid common IELTS Writing mistakes.

Close study of model answers with extended commentary is a powerful way of improving writing skills because the reader can see how arguments are developed, how vocabulary is used and how language is used to address the exact requirements of the task.

Using this book

The book is divided into two sections: Task One & Task Two for IELT Academic Writing. Each section has eight IELTS Writing tasks with a complete sample model and detailed notes for each task.

The tasks reflect very closely the type and range of questions that are in the IELTS Writing Exam. Task 1 about describing data includes examples of tables of data, bar charts, line graphs and diagrams while Task 2 includes a range of topics that frequently appear in the IELTS exam.

The writing models are examples of very good responses to the task which would score very highly in the exam. The detailed notes that follow each response focus on understanding the task and what is required for a good response. Task achievement, cohesion and coherence, vocabulary use, and grammar use are also noted in the model.

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