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The Rainbow Stick Boy

By Michael Santolini

Copyright 2012 Michael Santolini

Smashwords Edition

Once upon a time, in a village called Chromaville, lived stick people that were always born one solid color. Johnny Verde had a green house with a green picket fence, wore a green hat, had a green bicycle, and had a green dog named Charlie. Vincent and Violet Biv had a purple house, and a purple fence. The Biv family was very excited, because soon they were expecting a baby boy.

When the baby was born, he was a mix of all the colors of the rainbow. His parents didn’t know how this could have happened, since they were a purple family, but they loved him just the same. They named their son Huey.

The other stick families in the village were always questioning, “Why is he so different?” It was something that nobody could understand.

When the rainbow stick boy went to school, they didn’t call him Rainbow Boy because they didn’t know what a rainbow was. The girls would just point and say, “look at that SILLY boy!”

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