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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.

Adult Reading Material


With thanks to all those who have supported me in this, My wonderful parents, Jeff and Jane Mundy. Philip Mundy, Kelly and Ryan Fairbairn, Emma Lumb, Heather Aston, Julie Bailey and Elizabeth Spence.

With the greatest thanks to my beautiful partner Alexandra.


Does friendship have limits? Does it have a use by date? What are the circumstances which cause some friendships to last and others to end, whether its abruptly or just a slow fade away?

During my last year at school one of the biggest chart hits was Baz Lurhman’s ‘Everybody’s Free’; not really a song but some guy reciting a spiel of advice. If you listen to it now it sounds quite cheesy and corny, still it’s one of those ‘songs’ that when it’s on you can’t help but listen. There’s one line in it that has always seem to stick in my mind, ‘friends come and go, only to a precious few you should hold on.’ It’s cheesy as hell, but I have found it over the years to be so true. I’m not in contact with anyone I went to high school with, some I stopped seeing as soon as school was out, others kept in touch for, at the maximum, a couple of years. To be honest, as great as they all were back then, I really have no desire to have them all as current fixtures in my life either. I accept their cyber extended hands of friendship and reunion, thanks to the revolutions of technology in the last ten years alone, and they accept mine. Initially you go over the memories of lessons, break times, dinner times, teachers you liked, teachers you hated, out of school activities like cider on the park, trying smoking, and all the firsts you experienced together. First kisses, fights, getting drunk, experiments in drugs maybe, virginities, and all your own unique experiences that you and your friends only remember. After you’ve reminisced a few times, you just read a few sentences a couple of times a week about their lives all this time later, and be honest with yourself, none of it really means anything to you at all anymore, does it?

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