Lifetimes of Adventure

By Melody Hewson

Copyright Melody Hewson 2012

Smashwords Edition

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The waves were high, crashing hard against the hull of the ship as if trying to push it back out to the safety of the open sea. But it was far too late for that, they’d been spotted.

Standing at the bow of the old ship, the captain looked out, frowning slightly at what awaited them. The way into the harbor was blocked by a line of warships, anchored only a few feet apart, preventing anything but the smallest of fishing vessels to slip past them.

That crazy fiend!” Teralina exclaimed. “He wants us so badly that he sent out his whole fleet! If we weren’t so low on supplies and half way to starving, I’d turn us right back around and head back out to sea!” She sighed and turned her head to look at her loyal first mate. “Well, Jack, it looks like the gods have finally abandoned us.”

Beside her, the black and white dog gave a single, clear bark, nose held high into the wind. The small blades hidden inside the gauntlets strapped to his front legs both extended simultaneously.

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