His Master

by Rosario Satana at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Rosario Satana

Previously published under the name J.P. Ortega

Edited by Krista Strickland

This is an erotic short story featuring sexual acts between both two men and a man with a dog. All characters depicted are over the age of eighteen. You must be of legal age in your area to continue reading this story. Bestiality is not legal in all areas. Check your local and federal laws to determine its legality in your area before purchasing this story. This is a work of fiction. Any situations or circumstances in this story that contain likeness to real events are completely coincidental.

"Well, well, well. Look what we have here."

I froze. Jay had come home earlier than I thought, and never, ever in my life had I been more mortified than I was now. Imagine being caught red handed – your mother walking in on you with your hand in the cookie jar, or your teacher noticing you spying on your classmate's paper, or your wife coming home to you in bed with another lover. Imagine that, but ten times worse.

Jay came home to find me in the act, but it certainly wasn't with his wife.

There I was, naked and kneeling on the floor of Jay's kitchen with his beloved Rottweiler, Bruce, fucking me from behind. How the fuck did I get there, and why was there a dog fucking my ass, you may be wondering. Well, let's flash back.

I lived in a very close-knit apartment complex. There were only a dozen of us occupants living in the building, and we became quite close after having several football parties and courtyard barbeques. We helped each other move in and out, we lent out sugar and other ingredients no-questions-asked, and most importantly, we babysat when needed. Or, in Jay's case, doggysat. Jay lived alone with only Bruce, and when he asked me if I could house-sit and keep Bruce company for a week, of course I felt compelled to do my neighborly duty and say yes.

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