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Desiring the Best Man: Love At First Sight Story

By Sandra Ross

SmashWords Edition

~ ~ ~ ~

Chapter One

WAS HE EVER going to get here, Lani wondered.

She had been waiting for Rick, her fiance, to get to her house. Ever since he had taken that job in Savannah ten months ago, they only saw each other on weekends and holidays. Planning a wedding without the input of the groom wasn't exactly a simple thing to do, so she had to spend a large part of the weekends with him going over the latest arrangements. Rick had been amenable to nearly everything she had chosen, though, so it wasn't as difficult as it could have been. The only thing Lani hadn't discussed with him was her wedding dress, and that was for obvious reasons. 

Now, she sat anxiously on her front porch and watched for Rick's familiar car to turn down the street. She was really going to hate leaving this house. It was an older Victorian-style home and she loved every square foot of it. 

But you have to go where your husband is, right?

The job he had received was a great one, so she couldn't actually ask him to leave and come back here. Additionally, he was going to let her take a little time off to get settled and find the perfect place to open her bookshop. That had always been her dream-to own a bookshop rather than simply manage one. 

As Lani ran through her mind all the things she would have in her own bookshop she noticed a car turning onto the street. Was it Rick? 

Yes! He was finally here!

He parked in front of her house and exited the driver's side. She leaped up from her chair on the porch and ran down the steps to greet him on the sidewalk. Practically jumping into his arms, she greeted him with a very impressive kiss. He returned her kiss just as enthusiastically when there was a slight throat-clearing noise from behind them. 

Lani's eyes flew open and she broke the kiss to peer around Rick's arm. 

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