Chapter 7 – The Trick

Chapter 8 – Not so Smooth!

Chapter 9 – Repentance

Chapter 10 – Who Will Be Head?

Chapter 11 – A Wonderful Show

Chapter 12 – End of Term

A Final Word

Chapter 1 – Back at School

Today was the end of summer vacation. The sun shone brightly.

“What a beautiful day to start school! Especially to be head girl too,” cried Esther. She set off as an early morning bird. When she got to the now still-empty school grounds, she searched for new girls. Excited was she to go to her boarding school again – McJone’s Foundry School.

A few minutes later, a new girl with a mass of red curly hair and freckles with almond eyes walked in the school gates, with another girl who was obviously her sister. She seemed quite lost.

Esther went up to her at once.

“Hallo, new girl!” she said amiably. “What’s your name, and which grade are you in? You have to find your teacher so she can help you out.”

“My name’s Celine Tebbits. This is my sister, Liliana Tebbits. I’m in the 4th, and Liliana’s in the 2nd.” said Celine, shyly.

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