The Witchlings

Amanda Turner

Copyright 2010 by Amanda Turner

Smashwords Edition

Midnight curse

Run Roxy Run. The thought pounded through her head. She could smell the sweat of her pursuers and instinctively knew, that they were not only matching her every stride, but they were gaining, and fast. They would not rest, they would not tire or give up. She sensed their urgency and determination. She knew that she could either lay down and give up, or dig down deeper than she had ever before, and carry on her race for survival.

Roxy didn’t know exactly who or what were chasing her. However, she did know there were more than one, probably more like five or six. Why were they chasing her? A gnawing feeling burned deep within her, that she had something they wanted, not a possession, it was more like she knew something that they needed to know, but she hadn’t a clue what that could be.

Roxy awoke with sweat pouring off her, and with her heart pounding frantically in her chest. That dream had again disturbed her sleep. It had been that way every night since she had returned to live in Holbrook, although she had no recollection of living there before. All she knew was that when she last lived in Holbrook it was the last time she had seen her mother. Her mother, the woman that had suddenly walked out on her daughter and husband, without so much as a backward glance. Maybe moving back had disturbed some deep rooted emotion that Roxy had kept buried for such a long time. There was enough going on in her life at the moment and she certainly didn’t need some ghost from the past wreaking havoc in her sleep. Besides, it was day one of a new school and that in itself was more drama than she cared for right now.

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