Chapter 1

Here I go again.”

Roxanne had given up anticipating what her new schools would be like. There had been so many that she had lost track. Another school, another town, just another day in the unsettling life of Roxanne Taylor.

Roxy rounded the corner and the tall, Gothic like, grey building stretched out before her. It instantly filled her with dread. It's bleak outline did nothing to stand out from the dull skies that hovered over head. This school felt different though, and she hadn’t even set foot on the grounds yet. As she approached the wrought iron gates her tummy did a little flip, she felt the need to hold on and steady herself, before she fell over. Sick rose in her throat as she stood taking in all it's grim glory.

Pull yourself together Rox,” she shouted it out loud, trying to instil some kind of enthusiasm.

The many new schools she had been to had given her the knowledge of how to re-invent herself - something she had done time and time again. Her father had promised her no more moves though. This time she would have to be herself if she had any chance at making this move a happy one. She reached into her back pack and pulled out her silver compact and lipstick, and with a flash of shocking red painted neatly on her lips, she felt ready to enter the lions den. Pushing her way through the groups of students loitering around the entrance, she noticed the stares, the gossiping about her, the new girl. All of them trying to guess her past, where had she come from? What was her story? Their eyes burned tiny holes through her makeshift force field. She shook out her wavy black hair, in an attempt to rid herself of those first day nerves, and holding her head up high, she entered the large, intimidating foyer. Roxy stood there taking in all the lack lustre décor, turning around with her head up in the air gawking at the multitude of steps. Grey steps, leading to numerous grey corridors, with lots of grey little doors.

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