The Fallen

Kahler, Clay

Copyright 2012 by Clay Kahler

Smashwords Edition


Chapter 1

"Reverend Allen?"

Upon hearing his name Coy slowly looked up from the commentary that he was studying. Seeing the uniform clad figure standing in his doorway, Coy was suddenly and instantly transported. Gone was the commentary that he had been reading. Gone was the polished oak desk that he sat behind. Gone was the high back leather chair. Gone was his spacious office lined on each wall with bookshelves. Without warning, he was no longer Dr. Coy Allen, senior pastor of Millview Baptist Church in Oscar Texas… No, instead he was Coy Allen youngest son of Dorothy and Hubert Allen, playing in a dusty yard outside of a small house in Freebolt Texas.

"Welcome to Freebolt, the Boomtown you have been searching for!" read the faded and dilapidated sign on the outskirts of town. Freebolt could have been any number of small dusty towns in West Texas. If you were a visitor driving into the small village on Main Street, the town would strike you as rather unremarkable. Though there were 15 or 20 buildings that lined Main Street, in 1978 there were only five businesses that were left open. On the south side of the street was Lucinda's Beauty Shop. Lucinda's was a landmark in its own right. The faded blue clapboard building, highlighted by the bright pink shutters surrounding the dusty windows, had stood the test of time. Lucinda's was known as the cultural center of Freebolt’s feminine population. The ladies of the community would gather there during the day to have their big hairstyles reinflated and lacquered with hairspray, and to catch up on the latest news.

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