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Primarily I read feelings. Every now and again, I hear thoughts. I have dreams that come true, visions, I—” she stopped. Surprisingly enough, she wasn’t afraid of his reaction, more so at the sound of her own voice saying things she’d only told her two closest friends. Now here she stood, telling someone she barely knew all her dirty little secrets.

Go on,” he prompted.

I shouldn’t.” She felt exposed. Letting go of his arm she stared back out the window, crossing her arms nervously.

You can trust me.”

Atlanta pondered this. If he had the same gifts, then he knew what it was like. Why was she so scared? Sure, she’d only known this beautiful man for a few hours but maybe she could tell him everything. She wanted to but hesitated, biting her lip in thought.

He didn’t pressure her, though she felt him watching her process her thoughts.

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